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Nokia PureView 808 Goes On Sale In India For Rs. 33,899

Its been a long time coming, but the 41 megapixel touting super cameraphone from Nokia is finally on sale across India. The device is arriving at Nokia Priority Stores in the country today, and you should also be able to get yours from Nokia’s online store. As always the price across the country will slightly vary depending on which Nokia Priority Store you go to, but the figure I’m being quoted is closer to the Rs. 33,000 mark.

You can place your order at Nokia’s official store for Rs. 33,899, while the MRP of the device seems to be Rs, 34,999. The device is listed as out of stock right now, but that should change very soon. The official India launch of the 808 PureView happened today in Delhi, and I will bring you more from it in a few hours.

The 808 PureView lets you take absolutely incredible photos, with the ability to zoom in without losing quality. You can choose to shoot in full resolution (38 Megapixels in 4:3 mode and 34 Megapixels in the 16:9 mode) and the 5 Megapixel automatic mode, where the photos are oversampled to render fine detail. The PureView 808 takes really excellent video as well.

To top it all, it features extensive manual controls for people who like to do more with their devices.

Nokia PureView 808 Hands On

Nokia’s just made the sucessor to the widely regarded Nokia N8 official and it comes to us in the form if the Pureview 808. The number that shouts at everyone is its 41 Megapixel sensor. However, the real story is how Nokia uses that monstrous sensor to create the best camera phone on the planet. While the camera is the showstopper here, other noteworthy specs include a 4″ Clear Black display, a 1400 mAh battery, 16 GB of internal storage, HDMI out, a FM Transmitter, Secure NFC and Bluetooth 3.0.

I was able to track down Nokia’s imaging guru Damien Dinning for a definitive hands on with the Pureview 808. In the 12 minute video Damien takes us though what Nokia set out to achieve and how they made the decision to use  the Pureview technology. He then talks about the in and outs of the sensor and finally we get a look at the all new camera UI, which I must add is excellent. The interview with Damien is coming later here, but for now I’ll talk you through the device in full HD (YouTube link).

Camera Highlights:

  • 41 MP sensor with PureView imaging technology and Carl Zeiss optics
  • Video resolutions: Full HD (1920×1080) 30fps [Default], HD (1280×720) 30fps, nHD (640×360) 30fps
  • Lossless Zoom: 4x1080p [Default], 6x 720p, 12x360p
  • Frame rates supported: 15, 24, 25, 30fps
  • Stereo High Amplitude Audio Capture (HAAC)
  • Three shooting modes: Auto, Scenes, Creative
  • Integrated video editor for trimming video

More coming soon. Meanwhile I recommend you read the white paper on the PureView 808.

[Update: 16 minute hands on!]