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Video: 4squick, Foursquare Client for Symbian Updated

4squick is a foursquare client for Symbian that just came out over a month ago, it was simple and it was fast, not to mention the great looking UI. Today its received an update that brings the ability to share your check-ins on Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to that it also launches faster and lets you check-in privately. Other changes include the ability to view the leaderboard to see how you’re doing compared to your friends and the ability to view profiles.

While the official foursquare app was also updated today, its not a patch on the speed and design on which 4squick operates. To show you just how well it works, I’ve put together a quick video that you can watch below.

You can download the application from the developer’s website. The default version comes with the new Nokia Pure font inbuilt, while there is also a version available without it.

If you use foursquare and have a Symbian device, I definitely recommend checking this app out.

A Real World Review Of The N82 – I

N82 Black Unboxing - Share on Ovi

I recently got my hands on the beautiful looking N82 Black. It isn’t different at all from the N82 silver but the colour alone adds another dimension to the device and makes it much more appealing. Since I had already reviewed the N82 in parts here, here, here & here, I decided it would be best if I could get you another prespective on the device – a real world prespective. What people who are new to S60, or lets  just say as into it as I am, feel about the device?

With that in mind the N82 Black was handed over to friends and family for their take on what it in my opinion  is one of the best Nseries devices ever made. Jump over for the first review in this series.

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New N95 Firmware Thoughts

Nokia N95 v20 

The new firmware has received rave reviews all over the internet and it clearly deserves it! I’ve also taken the plunge and upgraded although it meant playing with my product code. Nokia please in the future release the firmware for all product codes simultaneously, at least the generic ones!

In this post I will attempt to compare the new firmware to my earlier N95 Future Firmware Requirements post. What is great to see is that almost all essentials have been incorporated and some bonuses too. Here’s a rundown:

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N800: The Story So Far!


This has been a long time coming! I’ve wanted to write this post for over two weeks now, however something or the other kept coming up. Even now I’m writing on the N95 (with the key press bug)!

First of all I would like to thank WOM WORLD for sending across this great device. I’m especially grateful to Siobhan, Lucy and Donna who all helped get this done! Thanks a ton! Really!

Recently I read this post over at Symbian World which compared the N95 to the N800. Norman had some great observations about various contrasting aspects of post devices, be it the screen, size, weight or browser. However I would look at the N800 differently. It is often referred to as an internet tablet; however I’d like to call it a phone companion. This is one device which you simply cannot own in isolation. But once coupled with a smartphone, it surely is a great combo.

In the coming posts I will cover the N800 in various aspects, as a standalone device, as a companion and a multimedia gadget. This just goes to show how flexible the device is. Although it is primarily targeted at the business tool segment and as an internet tablet it actually is much more.

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