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Get Nokia Diagnostics On Your S60 5th Edition Device

The Nokia Beta labs has just churned out a seemingly very useful application called ‘Nokia Diagnostics‘. The application has been created with an aim to help users diagnose, troubleshoot, and configure their devices with ease on their own. This application will let you find out if you are roaming, the signal strength of your device, help setup new access point, configure your WLAN setup and so on. Watch this video to get a better idea:

Currently the application offers:

  • Network Coverage test. You can get all the network related information and detect offline status & SIM card presence.
  • Internet Connectivity test. Perform a real-time Internet connectivity test and identify the setting with which you can have a seamless internet access.
  • Battery Charger test. Check if your device charges properly with the charger connected.
  • Loudspeaker, Earpiece test. Check your loudspeaker & earpiece functionality.

If this experimental application takes off, we can expect even more tests to be included in the application. You can download the application from here (requires a sign in) or use this direct link.

How To Hack Your Device In Under 5 Minutes

Having to sign an application every time you want to install something that’s not Symbian Signed is a bit of a pain, yes it can be done on the phone but if you want to completely rid yourself of this hassle then hacking your device is the best way forward. Unfortunately, Nokia had blocked this procedure via a new firmware for devices such as the E71, N96 and devices like the N97 were previously unhackable.

However, the Symbian community has once again managed a breakthrough in the from of the spanking new HelloOX2 application and you can hack almost any S60 3rd or 5th Edition device, Samsung i8910 HD included. This simple app will help you hack your device in under 5 minutes, all from the comfort of your bed without needing a computer. Difficulty level- Noob. Here’s how:

  • Extract the contents. I used X-plore to do so, but you can use any application of your choosing or even extract it on the computer and then send the file to your phone.

How To Hack Nokia N97

  • Next run the application, you will see quite a few screens like the following appear:

How To Hack Nokia N97

How To Hack Nokia N97

How To Hack Nokia N97

  • Now you will be asked if you want to install Modo, a file manager with the capability of seeing all files, including the ones in the ‘Sys’ folder. Installing it or not will not affect the hack, I chose to install it. The application will then quit and your phone would be ‘hacked’.

How To Hack Nokia N97

  • But before you can install any unsigned application, you will need to open ‘ROM Patcher’ from the ‘Applications’ folder and activate the ‘Installserver_FP2’ patch.

How To Hack Nokia N97

  • Hit Options and then ‘Apply’. That’s it. You can now forget about signing files.

How To Hack Nokia N97

  • Lastly, a word of caution. Please be very careful in what unsigned files you install. Wares and applications from untrusted sources can damage your device. Also, please do this at your own risk.

How To Get A Certificate To Sign Unsigned S60 Apps

There are a lot of ‘unsigned’ applications floating around the web, partly because part time developers either do not have the time or money to get their applications signed via the Symbian Signed program. While quite a bit of such applications can be signed via the Open Signed website, some cannot be and quite frankly there are times when we are simply lazy.

For all such reasons it is best to have a developer certificate with which you can sign the files on the phone itself and install without having to bother with any other method. The following tutorial will show you how to get a certificate (generally within three hours) and is much easier than the OPDA method.



  • Fill in the required details, use can even use a fake address. Just keep the username and password in mind.


  • Follow the directions in the screenshot.


  • Now enter your IMEI number.


  • The website will display a confirmation.


  • Now the wait begins. When I tried, I got my certificate in about 3 hours time. If you are not already logged in, login to see if your certificate is ready.


  • If you see a screen like the following, it means your certificate is ready for download.


  • Thats it, now simply unzip the file and get signing. There is no need of a Sign Key pass code.


The best part was that I could do all of this lying in bed, right from my N97’s browser. The bottomline being that I got a developer certificate in less that 3 hours without needing a computer. The next step is to sign the application from the phone itself, guide coming soon. So make sure you subscribe via RSS or Twitter.

Thanks Simran!

PS: I or the The Symbian Blog will not be responsible for any damage or liability that results from the use of the above tutorial. Please do so at your own risk.

[UPDATE – The Guide On How To Sign Unsigned Files On A S60 3rd/5th Edition Device Itself is here].

Want Free S60 Swag? Become A S60 Ambassador

Apologies if the title of this post sounded like an advertisement, it is  not! I have been keeping pretty busy these last few days and because of that I couldn’t inform you in time about the latest S60 Ambassador campaign called N-Gage: Level 2.

Want Free S60 Swag? Become A S60 Ambassador

Sadly the maximum number of slots for the campaign are already filled and no more people can join, but that’s not why I am writing this post. I am writing this to urge the ones who are not yet ambassadors to join the WOM program.

Why am I asking you to do so?

For the simple reason that I want to see more and more people know what S60 is all about and the amount of stuff they can do with their phones. Phrases like Symbian and S60 shouldn’t just be reserved for geeks and a normob should know that his phone runs an OS and that chances are that it is S60. Plus for doing this you get cool S60 swag and even free N-Gage games in certain campaigns, amongst other things. For example Clinton Jeff received:

  • 1x Evening with S60 T-Shirt
  • 1x Portable Screen Cleaner
  • 1x S60 branded Pen
  • 6x S60 Laptop stickers
  • 2x S60 branded Notepads
  • 1x 4 Port USB
  • 1x Wallet card-sized USB Memory Card
  • 1x Dirk Dagger And The Poochie Predicament Comic

Just for joining in. I’m sure you can get lucky too! I know I REALLY want all that swag! The credit card size USB drive is really handy.

The thing about being an S60 Ambassador is that for all these cool rewards you actually need to do almost nothing that you usually won’t. All you have to do is have a chat with friends, family, strangers, whoever about S60 and/or a specific aspect depending on the campaign. Just make sure you mention that you are an S60 Ambassador. Next, simply write a quick report on what was said, positive or negative. It doesn’t have to be long and detailed  or follow a fixed format, it should just convey the point. That’s it, register now if you already haven’t.

Image by Clinton

Mobitol: How To Copy Text From The S60 Browser

We have waited and we have waited, yet despite there even being a touch S60 handset, there has been no method to copy text from webpages in the S60 browser. There have been workarounds but even they have been hardly successful.

Mobitol: How To Copy Text From The S60 Browser

However, the solution I have just hit upon holds promise. On a previous post of mine about copying text from the S60 browser, Cousin Issac has written about a website called Mobitol he has made that pops the entire text of the entire webpage into a text box from which text can be easily copy using the default S60 method.

Mobitol: How To Copy Text From The S60 Browser

All you need to do is visit Mobitol, enter the URL of the page you want the text from and select go. The entire text on that webpage will be put into a text box, like the one pictured above. Next simply scroll to the text you want and copy it. The website also has an option to display the source code of the webpage, another thing the default S60 browser is incapable of. There is even an option to open the text box in a new window.

TIP: Save the webpage that you want text from as a bookmark. From the options to edit the bookmark copy the URL and paste it on Mobitol for quick navigation.

The website is still in beta and therefore at times a bit of the source code is also put into the text box along with the text, fortunately the developer is aware of this bug and is working on it. He also has a few other FAQ’s on the same page if you hit a roadblock.

How To: Sync Your Mobile Contacts With Your Google Account For Free

I’ll keep the introduction on this one short. All us want to be able to sync out Gmail contacts to our S60 devices and not pay for it, this post will tell you how exactly to go about doing that without requiring to install any application. I’ve successfully used Google Mobile Sync on the Nokia N96, a FP2 device as well, but for the purpose of this tutorial I will be demonstrating the setup on an E71 which runs FP1.

  • Make sure you backup your contacts, both on the phone and in Gmail.
  • Navigate to and open the Sync application.
  • From the Options menu select ‘New sync profile’

Sync application

  • Choose any name you like for ‘Sync profile name’

    Sync profile name

  • Select and click ‘Applications’, you will see a list of all content types that your phone can synchronize; however, currently Google Sync only supports Contacts.

  • Select and click ‘Contacts’
    • Make sure the ‘Include in Sync’ option is set to ‘Yes’
    • Define the ‘Remote Database’ option as ‘contacts’. It needs to be spelled exactly like this (lower case), or Google Sync will not work.

      Remote database

    • Click ‘Back’ to exit this screen and save your settings
    • Ensure that only Contacts have ‘Settings defined’ and all other content types say ‘Sett. not defined’
  • Click ‘Back’ to exit this screen and save your settings
  • Select and click ‘Connection Settings’
  • Enter the following values:
    • Server version: 1.2
    • Server ID: Google (capital ‘G’ is important)
    • Data bearer: Internet
    • Access point: the Internet access point for your carrier.

      Server version, server ID, data bearer, access point

    • Host address: https://m.google.com/syncml (Important to enter https for a secure connection)
    • Port: 443
    • User name: your Google Account username, e.g. vaibhav@gmail.com
    • Password: your Google password.
    • Leave other values unchanged.

      Host address, port, user name, password

  • Click ‘Back’ to exit this screen and save your settings
  • Click ‘Back’ again to exit the Sync profile settings
  • Highlight the your Sync profile and select ‘Synchronize’ from the ‘Options’ menu to synchronize your contacts with Google.

Note: On FP2 devices like the N96 & N85, the settings are similar and the only difference is in the order in which they are displayed. Also, Google currently only supports both way syncs, irrespective of the device in use.

Thanks Anuj!