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BlackBerry Support For S60 Will Return Soon

BlackBerry Support For S60 Will Return Soon

Around the time when the E71 and E66 came out and when Nokia Email had ‘started’ to mature, Nokia decided to pull the plug on BlackBerry support for its newer Eseries devices. The move was probably an attempt to push its own solution, however it back fired and I know a lot of people despite wanting an E71 did get it because for some reason they were not willing to give up on BB support.

However, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. Tom Furlong,  head of Nokia Messaging while chatting about the service let it slip that We are in the interim period of time when we have dropped support ourselves, and Blackberry is readying support for their service on Nokia devices‘.

So RIM is preparing their own client for Nokia devices and this time, we’ll hopefully see a roll out across not just the Eseries but the entire range of S60 devices.

via: Symbian-Guru, thanks Hemal.

Sleep Music – Sleep Mode For The S60 Music Player/Radio Is Finally Here

I have waited for this option for what seems like ages now and I’m glad to say its finally here, not because Nokia finally woke up, but because Sujesh decided to use Python and make it happen. I am sure all of you have felt the need for the sleep mode at some point or the other, specially the ones who listen to music before dozing off at night and find the phone dead in the morning because the music player wasn’t turned off.

Enter Sleep Music, a python based application that lets you decide a time period after which not only the default S60 music player or the FM Radio but also the Internet Radio can be automatically turned off. The application doesn’t pause or stop the music, it completely exists the application so you needn’t worry about running applications draining the battery. The best part is that the Sleep Music application also kills itself immediately after terminating the music/radio. As an added bonus, you can even configure it to switch off the phone after the desired time. Brilliant.

Another method of turning off the music/radio is the inactivity sensor. Set a duration and if the phone remains inactive for that much duration, the application kicks in and exits the music. (Inactivity sensor accounts for calls, keypresses etc). I’ve used the application on my E71 for the past two days without any sort of error and have found it to work flawlessly.


  • Timer presets available for 15 , 30 and 60 min.
  • Also users can also enter the time manually.
  • Ability to close either the Music Player, Radio or the Nokia Internet Radio.
  • Application can run in background.
  • Inactivity Sensor to exit the music player, if so desired.
  • Ability to turn off the device after the desired period.

Here are a few screenshots to get you familiar with the must have application:

Sleep Music - Share on Ovi

1. The basic layout.

Sleep Music - Share on Ovi

2. Ability to select the application to exit after the defined period.

Sleep Music - Share on Ovi

3. Timer duration, can be manually entered too.

Sleep Music - Share on Ovi

4. No need to mess with this, keypress works just fine.

Sleep Music - Share on Ovi

5. Confirmation after you have set the ‘sleep’ time.

Sleep Music - Share on Ovi

6. Inactivity sensor, can be used to exit the music player/radio if the phone remains inactive for the selected duration. (No calls, keypresses etc).

Sleep Music - Share on Ovi

7. Whether you want to turn off the device after the chosen duration.

Sleep Music - Share on Ovi

8. Once everything is set, the application can be simply sent to the background.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS – Its isn’t as complicated as it looks.

1. Download Sleep Music from here. Direct link is here (v1.02).

2. Unzip its contents.

3. Install “sleepmusicv102.sis” sis file to your phone (dont have to sign the application)

4. Use Open Signed to sign the following files:

  • “keypress102_unsigned_dev_certfree.SIS”
  • “appswitch103_unsigned_devcertfree.SIS”
  • “misty193_unsigned.SIS”

5. Install Python, if you do not already have it installed. Get it here.

7. Install the signed files.


Nokia Celebrates My Birthday – Starts Shipping The 5800 & S60 Follows Suit – Launches A New Ambassadors Campaign

As part of my Birthday celebrations, Nokia today announced that they had started shipping the 5800 Xpress Music in select countries around the world including Russia, Spain, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Finland, among others. What such an announcement usually means is that you should start seeing the 5800 in stores near you within a week or two. The price will vary from region to region, however in India it is expected to retail at around the Rs. 21,000 mark. This press release means that we could see the 5800 come out in December itself, and not January like we had earlier heard.

Meanwhile to add to the celebrations, a new campaign has been announced for S60 Ambassadors in India and South East Asia. The campaign is open for 12 weeks starting Nov 27th, and will be based on the Nokia E-mail Service. It will feature the usual loaner device for Report of the Week award, and either the BH-800 headset or the BH-501 headphones for the top 10% of NES Ambassadors at the end of the campaign.

Please find the press release for the 5800 Xpress Music here and the new campaign announcement here.

Nagging Prompts In Java Applications May Be History Soon

Here is some great news for Nokia S60 users, apparently Nokia has been working on revamping the security framework on Java applications and the nagging permissions we continuously need to give in order for them to work, may soon be a thing of the past. The idea behind prompts was security but since native applications and other runtime applications do not have to follow the same rules on S60, Nokia’s decided to rid Java applications of the burden too. We can finally hope to check our Gmail without hitting ‘Yes’!

The two things that should make the situation better for Java developers on S60:

  • A new kind of runtime security prompt which allows user to directly change the security setting for the application (pictured above).
  • A set of security policy changes allowing user more control on the settings levels for untrusted and trusted 3rd party.

Basically, signed applications on the lines of the S60 system could have permissions by default and for the unsigned ones, the user would have the power to grant them to a large extent without needing to go to the application manager. Currently, through the application manager we can grant certain permissions but still cannot eliminate the need for constant user input while using the application.

Now for another good news, according to the Java For S60 Blog:

“The enhanced prompts will be added to upcoming 3rd edition FP 2 (and later) devices but we are seeking to get this enhancement also as a correction to some existing products via Nokia SW update.”

Way to go!

Dashwire Coming To S60

Dashwire Overview - Horizontal - Share on Ovi

Chances are that you have not heard to who or what Dashwire is, so lets start from the begining. Dashwire lets you seamlessly integrate your mobile phones with your computers and the web by automatically syncing the contacts, text messages, calls, photos, videos, and settings from the phones to a private, cloud-based Dashwire account. The account can then be used to backup content, interact with information, and share experiences with friends and social networks. This done by an application installed on the phone that instantly transfers content between the phone and the web without requiring any user interaction. It basically allows you to use your computer as if you were using your phone and offers features such as the following:

  • Automatic contact sync between your phone and the web
  • Ability to read, reply, and create new text messages from your computer – threaded by conversation for an instant messaging-like experience
  • Instant photo & video uploads from your phone to the web where you can view, edit, watch as a slideshow, organize into albums, and share with friends
  • Photo & video sharing with friends via SMS or e-mail
  • Automatic or single click media upload to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, FriendFeed & more
  • Mobile status sharing directly to Facebook and Twitter
  • Listen to visual voicemail on your computer
  • Phone Internet favorites, ringtones, & speed dials – configured from the web
  • Automatic transfer of contacts & settings from your old phone to your new one

Here an exmple of the web based Dashboard that you can use for a plethora of actions:


Clearly, such a service needs internet connectivity to sync media, the sync can be automatic, manual or just when you are in range of a WiFi hotspot. Nokia also has, at times, experimented with such a service with the  combination of services including the PC Phone, which is no longer available for download. However, this is a complete solution armed with online storage and interactivity. The service has already been available on Windows based devices for a while now and the S60 closed beta will open in November on a first come first serve basis. The best part about the service apart from its functionality is that its free. If it interests you, for more have a look at this video or hit the site here.

Nokia Virtual Launch Today – 16:30 GMT

Nokia is holding another virtual launch which comes to us this time in the form of Nokia Remix London. The tagline of the programme is “join us to hear big news that looks set to mash up the world of mobile music”. Its been a long time since Nokia’s touchscreen ‘Tube’ leaked out and since this is a music event and that’s a Xpress Music device, its safe to assume we’ll witness the first S60 touch device get official today. There may be other surprises along the way too or so I hope!

At the virtual event you can follow all the announcements, releases and chat. After, missing a lot of these, I hope to be present and make sure you are there too. In case you want to take part in the discussion, make sure you sign up with Tangler if you already haven’t.