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Swype Comes To The N9 With The PR 1.1 Update, Hands On Video

Swype is something I absolutely love, so I was pretty disappointed when it didn’t ship with the N9, specially when we’d seen early demos of it working on the N9. But better late than never, the PR 1.1 firmware started rolling out for the N9 today and with it Swype makes a debut on the N9, and its worth the wait.

It isn’t activated out of the box, so you need to goto Settings> Time and Language> Text Input and enable it first. Then you can swipe away the default N9 keyboard and switch to swype (all of this is demoed in the video below).

As you can see, the keys are nicely spaced out furthering Swype’s goal to be both a ‘Swype’ keyboard and a good thumb type board at the same it. There’s inbuilt auto correction, word prediction and a bunch of other options. We go through everything in the video below.

(Available in HD)

Video: Swype For Honeycomb Demo – Much Better Than The Default Keyboard

Swype for Honeycomb is still in development, but early indications point to a all new experience which will better the default Honeycomb keyboard by far. Swype for Honeycomb not only brings the ability to swype to enter text quickly, but will also include the option to use it as a normal keyboard that supports predictive text and auto corrections. Add to that the fact that it can be resized and moved left or right on the fly and you have the makings of a truly wonderful offering. Swyping on a large display doesn’t make sense as you hardly save time, but with the resize options, it becomes relevant once more.

I caught up with Brian Lysak of Swype and he was kind enough to give me a demo of the yet unreleased Swype for Honeycomb offering running on a Motorola Xoom.

Just like other versions, Swype is looking to enter into deals with manufactures to pre-load Swype onto their devices, and I am hoping companies like Samsung carry forward their partnership with Swype from smartphones to tablets. It is that good.

Video: Swype For MeeGo Tablets, Will Be Integrated At The Platform Level

In what should come as great news for anyone who is familiar with application, Swype will come integrated at the platform on MeeGo tablets as the default text input mechanism. The latest MeeGo 1.2 build that just came out a few days ago incorporates Swype to give you a much better text entry experience on MeeGo.

I caught up with Peter Hargarten of Swype, at the MeeGo Conference exhibit hall and he was kind enough to give us a demo of how Swype works on MeeGo. The device is an EXOPC running MeeGo 1.2.

The people at Swype are working hard to make Swype for MeeGo even better, and as things stand, Swype comes integrated with MeeGo releases and the updates to the application will coincide with subsequent MeeGo releases.

Needless to say, Swype is a great keyboard which lets you swipe to enter text, or even use it as a regular keyboard. While Swype for MeeGo isn’t as feature rich as it is for some of the other platforms, I do look forward to future updates that will hopefully bring the experience on par.