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Symbian Anna Now Available For The N8, C7, E7 & C6-01

The much awaited Symbian Anna update has finally started rolling out to all the Symbian^3 devices, which includes the Nokia N8, the E7, C7 and the C6-01. The update is being progressively rolled out across the world with the update already being available in the majority of European and Asian markets.

Symbian Anna is available as a 22+ MB over the air update or via the Ovi Suite application on the computer.  Post the update your firmware should read as 22.014. All the data, settings etc would be preserved on the Symbian^3 devices even after the update, but its recommended that you create a backup nevertheless.

I recommend that you update to Symbian Anna as soon as possible to take advantage of functionality such as a split screen portrait QWERTY keyboard, a new web browser, drag-able homescreens, a much improved Mail client that’s faster and split screen month/day views in the calendar. Also present are improvements to the mail for exchange implementation, device encryption, and Anna also updates your handset to the latest version of Qt. Symbian Anna also unlocks the NFC capabilities of the C7.

If you notice any other changes, please let us know in the comments section below.

Now that Symbian Anna is here, the focus will inevitably shift to the yet unannounced Symbian Belle which is expected to be unveiled later this month in a event in Hong Kong. But before you start waiting, don’t expect to see it on existing devices for the next two months.

[via: AAS]