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Nelisquare: A Great Looking Qt Based Foursquare Client

Tommi Laukkanen, the man behind the Qt Kasvopus Facebook client for Symbian and Maemo devices has started working on another gem, a great looking Foursquare app called Nelisquare, written in Qt Quick. The fully featured app is currently in the pre-alpha stage and already lets you check in to places, share those check-ins on Facebook and Twitter selectively and view your friends’ check-ins among other things.

The app is being developed for the N900 (Maem0) and future MeeGo devices, but the author is alive to the possibility of a Symbian version as well. Considering the fact that the official Symbian Foursquare app is written in WRT and is a little slow, a lot of users will welcome Nelisquare.

Interested, check this video demo out. Interested in testing it out on the N900? Download here.

Different Tack Is An Interesting New Twitter Client For Symbian^3

An all new Twitter client has just hit Symbian^3 devices, called Different Tack, the application use a never seen before UI to help you manage Twitter on your mobile phones. The idea behind the UI is to let you see what’s hot with just a glance and browse through your tweets with a notch of your thumb.

Once you login, you will see a wheel with all the different options, one of which is browsing your timeline. Tapping on any of the pokes takes you in, with the upper portion of the screen serving as the display. You rotate your thumb below to see the tweets fly across above. To go back, simply tap the center.

Different Tack Is An Interesting New Twitter Client For Symbian^3 Different Tack Is An Interesting New Twitter Client For Symbian^3

Once you have a particular tweet on display, the options below change to the usual reply, retweet, favourite, Direct Message and so on. Again, tap the center button to exit and continue browsing other tweets.

Different Tack Is An Interesting New Twitter Client For Symbian^3 Different Tack Is An Interesting New Twitter Client For Symbian^3

The developers call the app, a ‘brain friendly’ Twitter app, and have gone on to demo the app in the following video.

Different Tack is free on the Ovi Store for a limited while and does offer a new approach to Twitter on Symbian devices, which admittedly don’t have a wide selection of great Twitter clients. The application does take a little time to get used to, but can be fun to use. I have been playing with Different Tack over the last few hours and I am not sure it will become my default Twitter client, but I still recommend you give it a spin. Its free afterall!

The developers plan on releasing Android and iOS versions in the coming weeks, making it one of the few apps to debut on Symbian first.

An In-Depth Look At Ovi Store 2.0 On The Nokia N8

One of the new things that the N8 brings is a completely revamped Ovi Store which offers a much more pleasing experience that not only makes finding content easier, also makes sure that you don’t have to go through hoops trying to download an application.

Gone are the options within menus, the overall speed of the Ovi Store is much faster and easily comparable to the competition. It is finally something that you would expect of a company like Nokia. You can seamlessly transfer old purchases to the new phone and that is a major win for the customer and Nokia alike. In the following video I look at the new client in detail, so without further ado, here is Ovi Store 2.0 on the Nokia N8.

(Watch the video in HD)

What do you think? Will you be more likely to browse apps and other media on the new Ovi Store? Much thanks to Iain Wallace at Do It Different for his help.

Symbian^3 Is Now Functionally Complete – Moves To The Hardening Phase

The Symbian Foundation hit a major milestone with Symbian^3 being declared functionally complete today. For Symbian^3 this marks a transition from feature submission and stability into the hardening phase. As you know, Symbian^3 powers the much anticipated N8 and improves on earlier versions by bringing in support for advanced layering and effects, HDMI support, better data performance for streaming high definition audio and video.

Symbian^3 also enables things like USB On-The-Go and support for bluetooth keyboards and mice. It also brings in the single tap mode and support for multitouch. Some of the other interesting bits about S^3 are :

  • Music store integration in the Radio app – making radio interactive. Ever heard a great song on the radio and wanted to know what it was or buy it then and there? The new “Buy now” button in the Radio app solves this problem by using RT+ RDS metadata to link through to the user’s chosen music store, providing them with relevant info on the current song and artist and letting them make an immediate purchase if they wish to.
  • The Podcatcher, new in Symbian^3, allows you to manage podcast subscriptions and automatically download new shows to a predefined schedule, integrating with the music and video players for playback.
  • One-click connectivity greatly simplifies the process of connecting to the Internet, doing the right thing without interrupting the user. It delivers a consistent and simple experience across all network-aware applications, streamlining the UI to remove all unnecessary prompts and dialogs. New global settings allow the user to configure platform-wide behaviour, for example ensuring the device automatically switches from cellular to WLAN when a free WLAN network is available.

There is lots of  stuff  that is new to Symbian^3, if  you are interested, try looking this page up.