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Demo: Tizen Running On A Laptop

Back in the day Intel had Moblin (PC and tablet OS), and Nokia had Maemo. Both of which came together to form MeeGo, an effort which has since been abandoned. Instead we have Tizen, a OS targeted at not just mobile phones, but also in vehicle systems, tablets and the PCs. While we’ve seen it running on mobile phone hardware (ARM chips), there has so far been nothing on the PC front, that was until today.

Demo: Tizen Running On A Laptop

At the Tizen Conference 2013, I got a look at Tizen running on Intel’s Ivy Bridge ultrabook. While the PC release of Tizen is still some time away, the following video should give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of the UI and functionality.

The free to download Tizen images for laptops will be made available through Tizen.org website. While the best platform to run that release would be Ivy Bridge and up, I’m told that work is being done to support older chips and netbooks (in a limited way) as well.

(YouTube link)

Thanks to Patrick from Intel for the demo.

Tizen 2.1 (Nectarine) SDK & Source Code Released Ahead Of The Tizen Developer Conference

Just in time for the Tizen Developer Conference that kicks off today (May 22nd) in San Francisco, the source code and SDK for Tizen 2.1, codenamed Nectarine has been released. You will note that Tizen 2.0 Magnolia had debuted not too long ago in February, and the 2.1 release follows in its heals. Nectarine contains several new features and performance enhancements. A full list of the changes it brings is here, highlights include:

  • Enhanced Web framework that provides state-of-the-art HTML5/W3C API support including new features, such as Content Security Policy 1.0 and Navigation Timing, and relevant specification updates
  • Web DynamicBox runtime framework supporting the embedding of Web DynamicBox in viewer-like applications (e.g., home screen application)
  • Enhanced Web IDE providing WYSIWYG design environment, Chrome-based JavaScript inspector, and JavaScript log viewer
  • Native IDE providing a project wizard, WYSIWYG design environment, unit test tool, and dynamic analyzer

Tizen Developer Conference 2013

According to the Conference schedule, the main keynote with Imad N. Sousou, VP of Intel Software and Services Group, GM of Intel Open Source Technology Center, and Intel Co-Chair on the Tizen Technical Steering Group and Jong-Deok Choi, Executive VP of Samsung, and Samsung Co-Chair on the Tizen Technical Steering Group happens on Thursday morning, and that’s when you can expect to hear more concrete details about where Tizen is headed.

Samsung has already publicly stated that commercial Tizen devices are coming this year, and its Bada OS has since been folded into Tizen. The official conference hashtag is #TizenDevCon but over the years people have been know to use #TizenConf as well.