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Unboxing The N97 Mini ‘Trunk’

Late Saturday I received a very large box from the brilliant folks at WOM World, I had no idea as to what it was but only an inkling that it was part of a competition that me and a friend will be taking part in. With only that in mind we set out to unbox the package, and it took us a full 15 minutes just to get everything out.

I have managed to edit the footage and get it down to under 10 and I have to say it was by far the most fun unboxing I have ever done. I won’t giveaway the contents just yet, but it is safe to say that there were some pretty strange things in there.

As you can see general idea is that the N97 can replace each one of those things, but the fun part is that the five challenges we will need to complete will involve having to use the other stuff and not the mini.

Inside the box was a pinecone that signified a connection to one of the features of the N97 Mini, I have been trying to comprehend what it means for some bonus points, but have come up empty so far. Pinecones are generally used for decoration, so could it somehow link to the N97 Mini’s customisable/personalisable homescreen?

The N97 Mini Trunk Contents(click to enlarge)

If you can think of something, please let us know in the comments section. If you are on Twitter, the hashtag to follow is #n97minitrunk.