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Nokia Lumia 800 Unboxing Video

Nokia had promised that it would cut down on the time between the announcement and shipping, and they have delivered. I have with me the retail box of the Lumia 800, the device that will be making its way to Europe next month itself and other regins soon thereafter.

During the keynote Nokia showed a live stream of the Lumia 800 boxes actually being packed at the Nokia factories in Finland and here’s what everything inside looks like.

Looking for more Lumia 800 coverage? Find out hands on video and pictures here.

Unboxing The Nokia N96

Unboxing Video Is Here

Its official folks, I will be competing in the Face The Task challenge in which I will need to complete a set of four tasks, and if I am to do so – I will be able to win 5 N96 Trials for you. I’ve not figured out as to how I will be picking the five lucky winners as yet, but I’ll be sure to inform you soon.

Meanwhile, although I have already been using the N96 for a few days now, still I decided to unbox the N96 that I received as part of the challenge, for your viewing pleasure. The unboxing was done standing on my rooftop so you might just hear a bird or two chirp away.

Nokia N78 Unboxing

Neil over on iGadget Life has just received a pre production Nokia N78 and has put up an unboxing video and pictures for us to enjoy. In the video, he goes through the new Photos application & the FM transmitter amongst other things and we get a glimpse of how the transitions in FP2 devices work.

If you recall the N78 was announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which I was fortunate to attend and therefore was able to have a brief play with the device and here are my thoughts.

Jump over to Neil for pictures and more.

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N81 8GB Special Edition Unboxing

 N81 8GB Special Edition

Courtesy of the good people at WOM World, I have recieved a special edition N81 8GB Special Edition. (Thanks Guys!) The great thing about it, apart from the packaging is that it ships with a set of Bose Quiet Comfort 3 Headphones! Thats right, an ultra deadly combo!

The N81 8GB has been out for a while now, but a beauty such as this deserved an unboxing and I decided to give it a shot. I was in college with friends when I was attempting to shoot this video and invariably we would end up laughing while making the video, you can imagine the number of retakes and it didn’t quite end there. I probably out of too much excitement kept using the words ‘really really’ time and again, to the point it gets irritaing. Anyway, here it is, the N81 8 Gig Special Edition unboxing after the break.

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