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WhatsApp For Windows Phone 8 Gets A Huge Overhaul: Changelog

You cannot live without Whats App in today’s world. Its the first app that I install on any device that I’m using, and unfortunately for Windows Phone it has been a slightly sticky point. The problem was that Whats App used the streaming APIs to keep the app alive and waiting for push messages, and that method made it unreliable at times. Moreover, it meant that you could never use the play/pause/next shortcuts that pop up when the volume button is pressed, as Whats App had taken those over. All that ends now.

A huge Whats App for Windows Phone update is live in the Windows Phone Store, and it promises to change things for the better. While the app might still look similar, the entire internal mechanism has changed.

  • Whats App now has its own background agent, leaving the streaming API free. This should mean greater reliability, and better push notifications.
  • Tapping on the Whats App icon that you’ve pinned to the homescreen opens up the last screen that you were in before leaving the app. This makes jumping in and out of Whats App much more convenient.
  • Tapping the toast notification opens up the chat corresponding to that message.
  • The app is faster overall, and much quicker to resume.
  • You can now call people from within the chat, although it does take a couple of clicks while Windows Phone prompts you to confirm.

WhatsApp For Windows Phone 8 Gets A Huge Overhaul WhatsApp For Windows Phone 8 Gets A Huge Overhaul

  • The app also tells you that you won’t receive push notifications while the battery saver mode is on. This is because Windows Phone restricts background activity during that time to preserve battery.
  • Sending and receiving contacts works well.

WhatsApp For Windows Phone 8 Gets A Huge Overhaul WhatsApp For Windows Phone 8 Gets A Huge Overhaul

  • You can send video after recording it from within the app, but you still cannot send existing files.
  • Whats App gets proper Emoji. The style/layout is identical to what you’d see on iOS and Android.

WhatsApp For Windows Phone 8 Gets A Huge Overhaul

  • Finally, if someone sends you a location it opens up the default Windows Phone maps app. You can’t choose to goto into Nokia Maps yet, but if you’d like to get driving directions, Nokia Drive opens up to guide you. This is a pretty big deal. I frequently ask people to Whats App me their location, and then use GPS to get there. Earlier, you couldn’t even view the location in a proper maps app, forget about navigating there. 

Go grab the update here. Notice any other changes, let us know!

Major Whats App For Windows Phone Update Incoming, May Finally Fix Things Once & For All

Whats App performance on Windows Phone has never been great. It was especially bad on Windows Phone 7.5, but with Windows Phone 8 it became much better. However, its been far from seamless and severely lacking in comparison to its iOS and Android clients. Fortunately, it seems things are about to change. WP Central has news of a major Whats App update thats in the works, and it promises to greatly improve the experience on Windows Phone.

Whats App Windows Phone

The changelog:

  • In addition to UI improvements we’ve rewritten our background agent code for increased performance (biggest plus no more music API usage) – This is a big deal. Currently, if you’ve just used Whats App, you loose the ability to control the music player from the volume keys as Whats App takes over.
  • New smileys
  • Fixes notification issues for WP8 users.
  • Users can now see smileys on the double wide tile.
  • Fast resume. (If the app is open and you click on the incoming notification it opens as if in Android, very fast really)
  • On the start-up now it ask you to backup your chat history.
  • Large images shown

A faster, more reliable Whats App on Windows Phone will be huge deal, especially for the mid segment Lumias. They are more than capable of giving the budget Android devices a run for their money, and if the Whats App update lives up to its promise, the Lumias will be a lot easier to recommend to the messaging focussed crowd as well.

[via: WP Central]