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Demo: WIFI Direct On The Galaxy S2, Seriously Impressive

One of the brand new features that the Samsung Galaxy S2 brings is the support for WI-FI Direct. WI-FI Direct, if you remember, is the technology that lets you transfer data between other WIFI Direct devices by creating an adhoc WIFI connection between them. In other words, it allows WIFI devices to talk to each other without the need for wireless routers.

It works much like Bluetooth, just faster and has better range. Symbian is supposed to get WI-FI Direct this year as well, but Samsung beat everyone to the chase with the Galaxy S getting certification last year itself and now the SGS2 becomes one of the first smartphones (if not the first) to ship with WIFI Direct support out of the box this year.

I have played with WIFI Direct for a while and it is definitely a very welcome feature, one you probably wouldn’t be able to live without once you get used to it. Transferring an mp3 (5-6 MB) is virtually instant and very large files also take mere minutes. For example, you could transfer a 700 MB movie wireless in the middle of the desert in under 5 minutes using WIFI Direct.

Here’s a demo of WIFI Direct on two Samsung Galaxy S2 devices:

That’s not all, if two Galaxy S2 devices were connected to the same network, then I could also send files between them without having to activate a peer to peer network which meant I didn’t have to disable the WIFI connection from my router and could browse the web meanwhile.


I cannot wait for WIFI Direct support to other devices. What do you think of it?

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Peer To Peer Wi-Fi Connectivity Coming To Symbian Next Year

The Wi-Fi Alliance is nearing publication of a specification for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Wi-Fi Direct, in other words “Wi-Fi Peer-to-Peer”, which will enable Wi-Fi devices to connect securely without needing a traditional hotspot. This means that two devices could connect with each other over Wi-Fi much in the same way as they do over bluetooth as of now.

Peer To Peer Wi-Fi Connectivity Coming To Symbian Next Year

But once the Wi-Fi Direct implementation becomes popular, smartphones, cameras, printers, PCs, keyboards and headphones will be able to connect to each other to transfer content and share applications quickly and easily without needing a traditional router, great for onto the go access.

Come 2011, devices will be able to make a one-to-one connection, huddle together in a bunch, simultaneously.

The availability of Wi-Fi Direct adds some distinctive new capabilities into the mix including device discovery, service discovery and power saving functions. For handset creators, this means a solution enabling more diversity for connectivity applications such as printing, music players, and content sharing. For peripheral manufacturers, it means enabling robust, user-friendly device connectivity. And for application developers, it is a comprehensive application development framework incorporating service discovery protocols for gaming and other cross platform applications.

This could take multiplayer gaming to a new level, and copying a ton of data/music/movies off a friend’s device wirelessly within minutes is something I’m sure we all all looking forward to. If you want to know more, here is Symbian’s Wi-Fi Direct implementation page.

What aspect of our mobile usage do you think would most benefit from this? I haven’t come across an app that does this for Symbian already, have you?

[via: Symbian Blog]