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Step 2 In The Maemo Project Saga – The Mystery Continues

A little while ago we told you how to find the Penguin on MaemoProject.com & win a N900. At that point in time, I thought that it was the end of it, all we needed to do was to wait for the draw and see if we won. But as it appears, Maemo Project is not going away this quickly and easily I might add.

A little while ago I received another cryptic email from my friends at WOM World. It had just one line ‘Just when you thought the project was over’ and the following video.

What do you make of it? I’ve checked and the Maemo Project site still has the same content as before with the same interval as before for the penguin to appear. Last time we knew what we were looking for, this time the question is in the answer?

[Update]Solving The Maemo Project Mystery – Step 1