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10 Nokia N9s Up For Grabs In Ideas Project’s N9 Challenge

Nokia’s Ideas Project is looking for your feedback on the N9 user interface and is offering 10 Nokia N9 smartphones in return. They are looking for ideas to improve some of the key features shown off in this video and other innovative ideas for the next generation of mobile touch screen devices.

10 Nokia N9s Up For Grabs In The Ideas Project N9 Challenge

So if the N9 isn’t launching in your country and you were looking forward to one, here’s your chance. Head over to the Ideas Project and start brainstorming. The ideas will be reviewed by Nokia’s interface designers and 10 winners will get a N9 each.


  • Begins: October 12, 2011 at 09.00am EET (GMT+2)
  • Ends: November 15, 2011 at 5pm EET (GMT+2)

Panel of judges:

  • Nikki Barton, Vice President, Smart Devices UX Design, Nokia
  • Peter Skillman, Vice President, Services & MeeGo Design, Nokia
  • Anton Fahlgren, Senior Design Manager, Nokia

Challenge hosts:

  • Ronan MacLaverty, Developer Advocate, MeeGo
  • Heli Haapkylä, Manager, Crowdsourcing, Nokia

Good luck!

Nokia Sweden Is Looking For 30 People To Test Drive The N9

Nokia Sweden is looking for 30 people to test drive the N9, and by test drive they mean – they give you the device, you play with it, you talk about it, and after all that is done, you get to keep it. That’s not all, they’ll even award one person from the lucky 30 with a weekend in London if they think he or she did the best job in that role. Brilliant.

So whats the catch? First, the contest (English translation) is only open those of you in Sweden, there’s nothing in the terms and conditions about that (as far as Google Translate and I can tell!) but I’m assuming that anyway. Next, to enter you need to make a strong pitch and then get your friends on Facebook to back you up. After August 21, they’ll pick 30 people who’ll get to rock the N9 as test pilots in September and October. There’s also a N9 Summer Tour that kicks off on the 15th of month and passes by a bunch of Swedish cities before ending in August.

All of this at least tells us one thing, the N9 will probably be in stores come September. For the rest of the world, you can still win a N9 here.

The N9 Seconds Contest Is Now Live: Interested In Winning A Nokia?

Remember yesterday’s 9 second Nokia N9 ads? Yes, the ones that are over if you decide to blink. Well there’s more to them than what meets the eye. Accompanying the ads is a brand new contest that can win you a Nokia smartphone, I’m guess a N9! Hit n9seconds.com and you’ll see the following screen awaiting a six character code.

The answer to this code it seems is hidden the videos, there’s 6 of them so I’m guessing each video gives you one character, fill them in and perhaps you’ll be the smart cookie who cracks this. There is also the following at the bottom of the page, more not so easy to understand hints.

Finally, there are 20 codes in total, only two of which have been unlocked so far. There’s also a @N9Seconds Twitter account that keeps track of codes that have been tried. The contest is open to everyone over the age of 15, worldwide. It closes once all 20 codes have been found or on 31.12.11 if no one’s able to crack it, but I won’t bet on it lasting for so long. If you want a N9, get cracking now.

Good luck!