Demo: The N900 Dual Booting Maemo & MeeGo

There is no easy to use noob guide to dual boot between Maemo and MeeGo on the N900 yet, but if you want a sneak peak at the signs of things to come, Carsten Munk (@stskeeps) has put together a brief demo showing the N900 booting between Maemo and MeeGo pretty seamlessly.

Carsten is the official maintainer of the MeeGo Nokia N900 hardware adaptation and goes on to say:

MeeGo 1.1 isn’t out yet, give us a little bit of time. What will happen if things go right:

* Package install from extras-devel that enables the u-boot boot loader.
* Upon startup, if there is a SD card that’s bootable, it will boot the SD card, with MeeGo. Otherwise, it will boot Maemo.

More customized setups are possible for the daring.

MeeGo will not come to the N900 officially i.e. Nokia will not provide it via the Nokia Software Updater or any other sort of download. However, like I have said before, there will be a community based version which you will be able to install by following a brief tutorial. The pieces are almost in place, its only a matter of time.

Note: Carsten (@stskeeps) had originally uploaded the video to, YouTube upload via Simon. Follow this TMO thread for the latest.

10 thoughts on “Demo: The N900 Dual Booting Maemo & MeeGo”

  1. In windows, after the command
    flasher-3.5.exe -l -k meego-handset-armv7l-n900-*-vmlinuz-*-n900 -b
    i got the message
    “flasher v2.5.2 (Sep 24 2009)
    Suitable USB device not found, waiting.”
    as expected. But nothing happens when i connect the USB cable to the phone after seeing this message ..please help..

  2. Alfan. You need to download libusb-win32-bin- and extrat it. After extracting go to the folder named “bin” open it and run “inf-wizard” a new setup will open. Then select next and then find appropriate usb port. Click it and press next. After finish this wizard your problem will solved (insha Allah). Also get flasher-3.5 (latest version)

  3. I gave it a quick try, however it looks a long long way from production ready, not sure how much nokia can get done in next 5 months or so when it gets released.

    personally i think nokia just seems confused, constantly making changes and not knowing what to do, hopefully Meego will be more like Android and iOS in thats its at least 2 revisions backward compabtible, it will ofcourse be more open and far more powerfull. Maemo had a lot going for, hopefully they can pool all the good things from maemo – which is basically everything and put it into Meego and so we can have a very application rich Meego device.

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