15 Screenshots From The Leaked Nokia N9 Teaser Reveal A Few Details

We are just 5 days away from the start of the second MeeGo Conference and a very interesting video has just popped up, a promo for Nokia’s first MeeGo device, the N9. The video is nothing more than a teaser, but does manage to reveal a bunch details about the device which may even be called the N950. The only problem is that the OS the phone is running looks a lot like upcoming Symbian releases, right down to the icons, so may be the teaser that Pocket Now has scooped was a work in progress, with the MeeGo parts to be placed in later.

Nevertheless, the hardware does look solid. First, it packs an auto focus camera with a Carl Zeiss lens and a dual LED, no EDoF unit here. My guess is a 12 MP.  Then there is the all aluminum body, with a physical QWERTY and a 4″ screen in a very E7ish design. Here are some images that promise to reveal more.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • Looks like a 12MP AF, dual LED camera with a Carl Zeiss lens.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • The earpiece, just under the top end of the phone. It does have a very narrow bezel.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • Looks like a great QWERTY keyboard, in an all aluminum body.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • Fairly large screen, possibly 4″.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • It’ll come with Ovi Maps with driving navigation.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • An app in action.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • Looks like a very capable browser, with the speed dial screen shown perhaps.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • The QWERTY virtual keyboard.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • The tilt up slide mechanism which is a lot like the E7.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • The bottom of the device, with the camera and speaker grill.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • The calender in action.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • Notice how thin the bezel is.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • The face of the N9/N950, with a front camera. It does look good.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • Notice the sliding transition to move to the next screen.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • Nokia calls it ‘Our Next Sense’. Perhaps they want to get back at HTC.

Now for the video that Pocket Now has been able to scoop:

We’ll probably know more on Monday when the MeeGo Conference kicks off. I’ll be there to bring you the latest.

20 thoughts on “15 Screenshots From The Leaked Nokia N9 Teaser Reveal A Few Details”

  1. I thought ovi maps was supposed to be rebranded to Nokia maps :P. Anyway looks totally awesome. Wishing symbian belle would be similar though. Want this awesomeness on my N8 too 🙂

  2. Pic no. 7 shows the task switcher, like in the N900. Also the windows in the task switcer are alive, they show the actual content, be it a browser, a conversation or a movie playing.

  3. e7 and n8 best features combined with new os.. if it have software improvement too it would be best

  4. If this is too be the replacement for the N900 it is missing the N900’s lens cover. It should have one to protect that Zeiss lens from scratches (using the cover to trigger events was nice too). Perhaps Nokia (or OtterBox or other will release a case with lens protective cover. No point in having a 12mp camera which can only photograph the deep scratch on your lens!

  5. I swore to ditch Nokia after they got in bed with MS. But this sleek device feels like a nice upgrade from the bulky N900.

    It needs to have fantastic hardware (OLED, Tegra, etc.) to convince me though…

  6. It looks really nice but I have had my N900 18 months now and the contract is up. I need a device now and that device is going to be an LG Optimus 3D.

    I hate to lose the keyboard but I can’t live without mainstream Apps any more. Its just no good paying the same and getting an inferior experience, however much I loved, still love my N900. Meego is a whole new start again as Maemo 5 was, I can’t help feeling its going to do little more than Maemo 5 because of that, Android has come far in that time however.

    The iPhone is a no sale due to the cost of entry for developing for it (having to own a Mac being the basic starting point kills it for me, I don’t appreciate being artificially tied to a vendor) and I really want a 3D camera after enjoying taking 3D photos on my 3DS but annoyed at the poor quality. So the LG Optimus 3D makes total sense. I get mainstream apps thanks to Android and if I root it at least some of that Linux power.

  7. I think the transition screen from apps to photos is fake. Why would a transition suddenly cut the name of the apps.

    My guess is you always shoot a switched off phone as the screen brightness would make it look dull (you can see this in every test on YouTube). AND it might be bluntly made as it is actually not finished. So this might be an answer to why the icons are exactly the same as in Anna. My guess is though that they will be exactly the same, but perhaps smaller due to higher resolution in Harmattan than Symbian. Just like in Meamo and Symbian today.

    Anyhow I wouldn’t go bananas on the speed of the transition as it is surely just made in editing the teaser, not actual on screen action.

  8. If it has MeeGo then it would be awesome if u can dual boot like the n900 can run android

  9. for all those starting the android app convos look into alien dalvik. its been promised to be released with the first meego phone and will allow Most if not all android apps to be run on a non android phone. imagine the N900 with that body and android apps nefore switching to another phone.

    simply put, this will not be another N900 app situation.

  10. hey guys listen , maemo 5 best os ever in the past and for future coz u can do evrythng whtevr u wana to do. . . Its totaly nd pure an open source wid linux-kernal. . .and maemo 6 or u can say it meego , whch r the new version of maemo5 . . Its jst a new part of maemo5 . . Dont thnk maemo 5 and meego both diff. . Ths may be diff. Jst coz of new ui and qt. . . Bt meego also totaly pure an open source lyk n900 linux. . . Bt n9 cms with new latest app. And softwares . . Pls dont b irritate or thnk wrng. . .if u ve been usng n900 so must sure u should buy n9 and feel freedom . And nw n9 new firmware upgrade with 1.3 prgrm. Whch cm with 1000 improvment ,and u can browsng lyk n900 on n9 w/o flash player .cos n9 browser cm with html5 and ful web kit 2.0 .and thts y its make browsng experience unique and nevr evr had feel lyk tht. Acordng to me . . Nokia n900 maemo5 and n9 meego / maemo 6 both r jst going to lyk a chain of an unique linux kernal open source . . Both os r an unique and realy open source . . Anothr os cant deserve to cmpatible with n9/n900. Coz u can feel freedom with these both device . . Pls dont compare these devices again with anothr os. Coz anthr os r ntng , if u ve ths 2 device or u r using maemo5/meego device. Thts it. . . . Nokia+linux u r doing gud togethr.

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