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The Complete How To: MAPS-GPS!


The Nokia N95 and other GPS equipped smartphones can do far more with the GPS than waltz around the maps application and showing off our current GPS position to our friends. It is a great help in planning routes to somewhere and the maps available even respect traffic laws like one way roads! However when you start to use the GPS-MAPS for the first time, things arn’t that easy on the surface and take a little getting used to. In this writeup guest author Jamal Abid explains all the things we’ll need to know before we can put the GPS to real world use!

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One Month With The Nokia N95!

Nokia N95

Okay, so here goes the first post of my blog!!! The reason I picked the N95 to talk about is simple, it’s my current obsession! So here goes how I feel after one month with the N95!! So here goes! This write up covers area such as Build Quality, The Multimedia Segment, The Camera, Web Browser, Gallery Application, The GPS and a General Overview of the entire phone!

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